A Unique Experience With Massive Potential Baccarat

A Unique Experience With Massive Potential Baccarat

Found in the live casino platform of Evolution Gaming, the unique Baccarat version of Lightning Baccarat may look like any other Baccarat at first. The basic rules are the same and so are the ground payouts for the Player and the Banker, with a slight change for a Tie (5:1). You will quickly notice a difference though.

On every game round, five random cards that are covered in lightning will appear on the screen. Each of these cards will have a multiplier attached to them, which can be x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7 or x8. Now if you win a game round with one or several of these cards included, your payout will be increased by the Agen Casino Terpercaya multiplier.

A Unique Experience With Massive Potential Baccarat

Not only did we win with the Player ending up with a score of 8 against the Agen Casino Terbaik Banker’s 6 and not only did we win with our hoped-for 3 of Diamonds. We also won with the 5 of Clubs in the hand. This means that our initial payout, which would have been 1:1, is not only boosted to 8:1 thanks to the 3 of Diamonds. It is boosted all the way up to 48:1.

This is because all multipliers multiply with each other in Lightning Baccarat. So, in this case, the x8 from the 3 of Diamonds is multiplied by the x6 from the 6 of Clubs, which adds up to a multiplier of x48. Now imagine if this would have been a tie instead, which we would have bet on. The initial payout of 5:1 would then have been boosted by a factor of 48 and ended up at 240 times the stake. It gets better though.

The maximum win that one can get from betting on the Player or Banker in Lightning Baccarat is 512:1. This happens when the win occurs with three lightning cards that have all been dealt a multiplier of x8. Simply because 8 * 8 * 8 = 512. A x512 multiplier is added to the initial payout of 1:1.

This game round ends up in a tie where all six cards are matching the lightning cards. This means that the multiplier that will boost the initial 5:1 payout for a tie will be x8 * x3 * x8 * x3 * x6 = x3,456. Now, when we add this massive multiplier to the 5:1 payout, we get 17,280:1. A win of more than 15,000 times the stake! That’s insane potential, right?

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The rules of Lightning Baccarat allow the game to pay even more though. If all of the above lightning card multipliers would have been x8, the win would have been over 1,3 million times the stake. This is the maximum that can be won in the game. Even though it is extremely rare for this occurrence to happen, it would make anyone filthy rich.

You may be wondering how Lightning Baccarat can have such an incredible potential compared to how normal Baccarat is played. This is due to a lightning fee of 20% which is charged on all bets. In other words, when you’re playing Lightning Baccarat, you’re paying 20% more for each bet that you make.

The RTP and Volatility (Variance) of Baccarat

Now that we have covered how Baccarat is to be played if you want to have a chance at the big prizes, let us have a look at an important aspect of these; RTP and Volatility (which is also known as Variance).

As you may or may not know, RTP stands for Return to Player and is a value that shows you how much you are expected to win in the long run. It’s a value that is crucial to understand if you want to maximize your chances of becoming profitable when playing Baccarat and other casino games.

For instance, if you’re playing Baccarat with an RTP of 98%, you are expected to receive £98 back for every £100 that you bet. With the same logic, an RTP of 92% would be expected to yield you £92 in winnings if you bet £100. In the long run that is.

You may be wondering how you can play Baccarat with different RTPs. Shouldn’t it always be the same? Well, the fact of the matter is that different variations of the game can have slightly different RTPs. More importantly though are the side bets which are totally different from the main game of Baccarat.

When you’re playing Baccarat in its original form and only bet on the Player or the Banker, the RTP will be around 98.6%. However, if you include side bets the RTP could be lowered all the way down to 86.3%.