Advantages and disadvantages of multi-hand video poker

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-hand video poker

In regular video poker, you can only bet on one hand at a time. If you miss out on a straight or flush, it can really affect your bankroll. That’s why multihand video poker is so advantageous. If you decision hand has good starting cards, you can replicate them across four more hands. This gives you four times as many chances to win big.

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-hand video poker

All players need to watch their bankrolls when playing multihand situsqq poker. On every hand you are betting four times your bet – one bet for each hand. If you go on a losing streak, that can really affect your profits.

Top three multihand video poker tips

With so many hands in play, multihand video poker requires a little more strategy than regular video poker games online. Let’s take a closer look at three basic tips you should be employing.

1. Select the maximum number of coins

In single hand video poker, players have the option to increase the number of coins. The jackpots also increase. The same applies to multihand poker. If you select the maximum number of coins (5) you will be eligible for a bigger Royal Flush jackpot worth 4,000 coins.

2. Adjust your starting bets

While selecting the maximum coins gives you access to a bigger jackpot, the real strategy comes in managing your bankroll.

Because you are betting four hands per game, you need to lower your regular stakes. For example, if you bet 5% of your bankroll per hand in single-hand video poker, consider dropping down to 1.25% per hand in multihand video poker.

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The variance also changed when you switch to multihand video poker. A winning hand can be lucrative, but a downswing can be damaging.

3. Hold the right starting cards

In multihand video poker, you are playing four hands a game, not one. Therefore, holding the right starting cards is essential. In Jacks or Better 4-Play Power Poker, use the same strategy you would if playing the single-hand variation.

So, hold your straight draws, flush draws and straight flush draws to maximise your chances of hitting a big payout. You can also hold a high card like a king or ace if your other cards are terrible. This gives you a chance of making a winning pair in your four other hands.

Because you only get paid a minimum prize for a pair of jacks, don’t hold any low or medium pairs. The best you can hope for is hitting a three of a kind, and you will need at least two to return a profit.

Try multihand video poker for free at Betway Casino

Multihand video poker offers players the chances of hitting four winning hands at once. And with some sensible hand selection, you can turn your sessions into a successful one.

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