Complete Guide on How to Play Online Slots

Online slot gambling games, are gambling games that are very easy to play for us to do. How to play online slots is not very difficult. Especially for running these machines.

But to be able to play, of course we are not just operating machines, right? Certainly investing money for capital, entering into the site, and withdrawing winning funds are also included in how to play online slots.

For this reason, this time we will review the most complete way to play online slots for all of you.

In our previous article, we discussed how to register for Indonesian online slots. And now as we promised earlier, if we will also share how to play online slots.

We share this interesting information, because we are sure that a lot of people are interested in this type of game. But it is often hindered by the obstacle of not knowing how to play nexiabet. And this often prevents these bettors from playing online slot gambling.

Because indeed playing online gambling without knowing how to play it will only make you lose the game. Yes, it is clear that it will be like that, there is no way you can win if you don’t know how to play it.

So for you beginners, don’t go anywhere. Keep up with the article on how to play online slots until the end, because there will be interesting and important information for you to know.

Moreover, on this occasion we are not only sharing how to play online slots. But also we will discuss how to deposit, how to log in, to how to withdraw. We will explain all of that in this article.

So that all of you can get complete information and not half-heartedly. Because of course we don’t just want to just play right, of course we also want to be able to win when playing. So how to withdraw this is also quite important for all of you.

After all, no bettor wants to lose when playing online slots. Surely any gambling bettor wants to win while playing. Even when they are playing, winning is their main goal.

Alright, that’s enough for the pleasantries, we will just go straight to discussing how to play online slots, how to log in, how to deposit, and also how to withdraw the following.

How to Login Online Slots

The first stage we have to log into the slot gambling agent site. Visit the slot gambling agent site where you registered your previous account. Because your user id and password are yours, you can only use them on that site.

So if you have entered the online slot agent site page, surely on the start page there will be a column to fill in the user id and password. Enter your user id and password in that section, then click the enter button.

How to Make Transactions

Now if you have entered the site, you can only make the transaction you want. Starting from deposits to withdrawals, you can do everything after entering the gambling agent site.

And the first is of course to make a capital deposit. Because without capital you will not be able to start online slot gambling games. Don’t play online slots, we can’t play any gambling games if we don’t have capital.

So the first is to make a deposit. And you can make a deposit in the following ways.

How to Deposit

To deposit capital, we need to take several steps. Starting from clicking on the deposit section, to entering our deposit data for processing.

How to Deposit

You can follow the instructions, by clicking on the part that is given a red circle. and then also click on the deposit section, to switch to the deposit menu.

Then you can make transfers to the accounts registered from the site. The amount of money you need to transfer is what you want to deposit. Suppose you want to deposit 100 thousand, then you can transfer it to the bank account that the site has provided.

You can choose the type of bank you want to transfer the funds to. To be faster, you can choose the same type of bank as the account that you registered earlier. Then then you fill in the deposit form that appears after you click on the deposit section earlier.

How to Deposit

In the picture there is a column that you need to fill in. Starting from the type of payment, the type of bank, and the nominal amount that you deposit. After completing it, all you have to do is wait a few moments and the balance will immediately go to your account.

How to Withdraw

After we play and win, of course we will withdraw, right? To withdraw all the winning balances that we have got from playing online slot bets. So from that you will also need a tutorial on how to withdraw / withdraw funds on the slot gambling agent site.

Almost the same as before you made a deposit, it’s just that the menu you choose this time is the withdrawal menu.

That is the first step, you click on the part that is given a red circle, and click on the part of the withdrawal. Then as usual, you will be transferred to the withdraw / withdrawal menu.

And it’s still the same as before, you also need to fill in the empty fields on the withdrawal form. The following is what data you need to fill in.

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In this form, you only need to make sure the data registered is in accordance with yours. Starting from your username (your id username), bank name, account name, and account number. Then then you only need to enter the nominal amount of funds that you want to withdraw.

For example, if you want to make a 1 million withdrawal, you enter the nominal number 1000 in the withdrawal amount column. Because 3 digits 0 from the amount we draw, we don’t need to include it.

So for 1 million rupiah, the nominal we need to enter is 1000. And finally click on the withdrawal section, then wait a few moments for the funds to immediately enter your registered account.

Tutorial Main Slot Online

Now we will enter the final stage of how to play online slots. That is how we operate the online slot machine that we want to play. Well first, we will start from choosing a slot gambling provider and choosing the online slot machine first.

Choosing a Provider

For steps on how to play online slots, first we will choose one of the online slot gambling providers. For example, we want to play slot machines from well-known slot gambling providers, such as joker123 slots. Then click the slot menu on the slot gambling site’s start page.

How to Choose a Slot Machine

Follow how to play the slots in the image, click the slots menu and select one of the online slot providers. And let’s say you want to play joker123 slots, then click on the logo of the joker provider.

Choosing a Slot Machine

The second step on how to play online slots. After you click on the slot provider section, you will immediately go to the web page that displays slot machines from joker123. As seen in the following image.

How to Play Online Slots

So then you just have to choose which online slot machine you want to play. And I will choose another slot machine to be an example. Suppose we click on the Roman slot machine which is in the middle and second from the right.

Parts of the Slot Machine

Steps to play online slots to three. Later, after you click on the slot machine, the display in the game is as follows.

In the picture there are already some of the signs I gave for some important things you need to know in the game.

First we will discuss the “balance” that section is what will show the amount of our money balance. The number will increase or decrease, according to the victory or defeat we experience.

Then next to it is the “total bet”. The total bet is the amount of money we bet for each spin. The number of bets we can play is according to how much we want to bet on each round. And we can still change the nominal value, according to our wishes.

And next is “win”. This section is useful for showing the winning results of each game round. And will be 0 again when the game round ends. Because it will show our winning results in the next round.

Then there are “lines”. Line shows how many winning lines are on the slot machine. And because there is a number 15, that indicates this Rome slot machine has 15 paylines that we can get.

The last one is in the upper right corner of the image. That is the jackpot bonus on this online slot machine. We can get this bonus randomly, depending on our luck when playing.

How to Play Slot Machine Gambling

Now we are entering the last stage in how to play this online slot. That is how to play / run the online slot machine. Earlier you already know all the important things about online slot machines. Then the last is to start playing.

How to play slots is actually quite easy for us to operate. Because it only takes 1 spin button to start playing. But even though running the machine you only need to press 1 spin button, of course we need to set the bet amount first.

For how to set it up, it’s in the column that says the total bet earlier. Arrange in that section according to our wishes. And then press the big round button in the lower right corner of the machine to start the spin.

And the slot machine will run automatically. Later we only need to wait until the reel on the engine stops. And see if there is a combination of identical images on one of the paylines on the machine.

Such is the complete guide on how to play online slots, it’s quite easy to understand isn’t it. Well, how to play online slots is very easy.

because of that, this type of game is often referred to as the easiest online gambling game. And that is also one of the reasons online slot gambling games are in great demand. What’s more, with this article on how to play online slots, it will certainly make it easier for you to play.

That’s all for discussing how to play our online slots this time. With this article from us, hopefully you will be helped enough to start your online slot gambling game. And so there is no doubt to start playing this online slot gambling.

This is our meeting this time. That is all and thank you!!