Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting

Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting

Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting – 1X2 is not a math lesson, bro (one time or two), it’s not like that hehe. 1X2 is a type of bet that is on online soccer betting. There are actually many types of online soccer markets, but in this post I will make an article about how to play 1X2 online soccer betting.

Because there are not a few online soccer gambling players who don’t know this type of market. Especially for those of you who have never bet online at all. For those of you who don’t know and want to know how to play 1X2, it would be nice to immediately practice it by logging in to your account.

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Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting

All right, without having to linger anymore, below I will explain in full about how to play 1 × 2. Before placing this 1 × 2 bet, of course, we must first know how to read this 1 × 2 market type. How to read it is very easy, for those of you who have played MKS (Win and Lose Series), 1 × 2 is very similar, only the writing is different.

  • 1 = Host Wins
  • X = Draw / Draw / Draw
  • 2 = Away Team Wins

Here as a player, you are faced with 3 choices of guesses judi slot pulsa the home team wins, does it end in a draw or the visitors win. Easy enough, right? But how do we know who the hosts are and who are the visitors?

The method is simple, we can find out from the position of the team. If you are on top, the team acts as the host, and vice versa. If the team we are going to select is at the bottom, it means that the team is acting as a guest team.

As you can see in the picture above, Emelec Guayaquil’s team acted as the home team and LDU Quito as the visitors. Likewise with the matches below, Alianza Lima as the home team while Sporting Cristal as the visitors. Do you understand until here?

Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting

We will continue the next step, which is placing a 1 × 2 bet. For your information, the Emelec vs LDU match is in progress, but I did not take an example from that match. Because you have entered the second half, because you can play this 1 × 2 bet with 2 round choices and 1 multiple choice.

You can bet only on the first half or full time 90 minutes until the match ends. It could also be a multiple bet where we guess 2 possibilities at once. For more details, you can see an example of a complete 1 × 2 bet and multiple odds as in the image below between the Inter vs Udinese match.

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This Inter Milan vs Udinese match opens with 3 types of bets 1 × 2, there is Full Half (90 minutes) there is First Half and Multiple Chances. But before going too far, I will first explain what is meant by multiple opportunities.

  • 1X = Home Win or Match ends in a draw / draw.
  • 12 = Home Wins or Away Team Wins.
  • X2 = The match ends in a draw / draw or Away Team wins.

The bottom line is the same as this type of multiple chance bet with 1 × 2. It’s just that you guess with 2 choices, but of course the wins you get are only very small. How to find out how? Try to pay attention, each of the black numbers is different from one another.

But you don’t need to be confused, these black numbers are the amount of odds you will get. Suppose I guess the ball will end in an Inter Milan win, but because I’m not 100% sure. Therefore I play it safe by choosing 1X on multiple occasions.

But of course the amount of victory that I will get is very small. Because only 1,031 reads “pair 1 will be paid 0.031”, for example I put 20 thousand rupiah. I will only have a win of 620 silver. Meanwhile, if Udinese wins in that match, I will automatically lose 20 thousand.

Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Betting

For more details, I will try to give the picture, you can see I installed it 1X with a nominal value of 20 thousand rupiah. At the maximum payout (your winnings + capital) you can see that I will only get 20.62 (IDR 20,620), only winning 620 silver. It is clear for the magnitude of the odds and this type of multiple chance bet.

Likewise with the type of bet 1 × 2 for the first half and full round, the market odds vary depending on the strength and weakness of the two teams. The further the difference in strength, the smaller it will be if we choose to win on the underdog team. But on the contrary, if we put a weak team and come out as winners, the pay will be many times over.

For example, I guess Udinese will win in the match and will get the odds of 9.50. Just like the above, how to read it, if I install 20 thousand, I will pay 190 thousand (including capital), winning 170 thousand. Do you understand bro? In essence, this type of bet is only guessing win, lose or draw, without any kei being charged.

I’m not here explaining about the first half, bro, because it’s the same as the full round. Maybe that’s all I can share in this post entitled Complete Guide to How to Play 1X2 Online Sbobet Football Betting. Hopefully it can be understood and useful, have fun playing and see you for other information, thank you …