Guide to How to Play Online Ceme Gambling 2020

Guide to How to Play Online Ceme Gambling 2020

The online ceme gambling game is not difficult to play. You all need to add up the results of the cards you get on the table. The calculation of victory is that if he gets the highest score, he will be the champion.

this type of game is almost similar to the domino qq card game. What distinguishes only the number of cards that are played. If the domino qq game uses 4 cards while only 2 cards ceme.


The ceme gambling game is played optimally by fastbet99 players on a table of 8 people. If you already have a dealer or dealer at the table, then the game can be started. If you want to be a dealer, because of that, the capital you have must be 14x the stake on the table. The direction is that if you lose, you can pay several players who are betting at that table.


1. The Six Gods (6666)

The player or city must have a card from this bandar slot terbesar. The dealer example must have 2 of the numbers 6 as well as the player.

2. Balak-Balak

The player or dealer must have cards from this combination. The player or dealer must have your combination of these cards

3. Pure Great

The calculation in pure magnitude is the value must be up to 39 to 43.

4. Pure small

The combination of these cards is that the value of the card obtained must be not less than 10. The optimal value of small pure is 9.

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In -game prize counting is:

  • Six Gods = x6666
  • Balak-Balak = x200
  • Pure Large = x50
  • Small Pure = x50

The jackpot in this online ceme game can be obtained through a special card. To get the card jackpot, you must get a combination of players or dealers. To get the jackpot, you don’t get it for free. The player must buy the jackpot first. If the player doesn’t buy the jackpot, so if the combined card comes out, he doesn’t get the jackpot.

In playing ceme online gambling there are advantages and there are also losses. The profit obtained if the jackpot purchase is successfully affected in the bet, then the nominal obtained is quite large. Similarly, vice versa if we continue to buy the jackpot but do not come out because of that the loss to buy the jackpot is not avoided.

Up to here, my article is an opportunity for you all. Hopefully useful for all of you in playing online gambling ceme. See you again in another theme on the most recent most trusted online gambling. thank you as well as good luck in every game