How to Become a Football Agent

How to Become a Football Agent

There once was a time when every young kid dreamed of being a professional football player. Now the smart ones dream of being a professional football player’s agent.

Footballers can earn huge sums, but they usually only have one career and it tends to be a short one. A football agent can have a career that spans decades and represent multiple clients.

What’s more, becoming a situs bola online football agent is more of an achievable goal for the majority of people, who are not naturally blessed with sporting ability. So, here’s the lowdown on what’s involved – you’ll know what it takes to become a football agent in no time.

How to Become a Football Agent

The main role of a football agent is to handle the financial interests of the player(s) that they represent. This can include negotiating contracts when a player is transferred or extending their stay at a club and finding sponsorship deals.

Agents are also involved in building their client’s media profile. They will organise TV and radio appearances, provide journalists the opportunity to interview players and arrange columns for their clients in newspapers or magazines.

Do you Need Qualifications to Become a Football Agent?

There are no specific qualifications needed to become a football Agen Judi Bola Online, though an understanding of business management and contract law are obvious advantages, given the nature of the job.

Football agents must be registered to operate in the country in which the players they represent are working. For agents that have multiple clients, that can mean being registered in several different countries.


In England, the FA charge £500 to register as an agent, with a further annual fee of £250. The organisation run a criminal record check over prospective agents, who must also comply with a ‘Good Character and Reputation’ test.

Some agents operate individually, but it’s more common these days for them to work within bigger companies that employ multiple agents. For anyone looking for football agents jobs, applying for work experience at a company like this is a good place to start.