How to Play Ceme Around Online Completely


How to Play Ceme Keliling is actually not difficult for those of you who have ever played dominoqq or ceme city games. The reason for the round ceme game is almost the same or similar to the dominoqq game and ceme city. When you are used to playing ceme and dominoqq city games. It is certain that you will not have difficulty in understanding the game of ceme around.

Want to play a ceme game around? at this time it is not difficult to find sites that provide these games. Because there are lots of poker agents who provide mobile games. Day after day the mobile game continues to grow and is known by many people. With so many enthusiasts of the game, Mobile Ceme is categorized as the most popular game in the world of online gambling.

Popular Games

Mobile ceme is known and popular starting from Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam since early 2015 yesterday. As a game that varies from bandar ceme and bandarq, where in this game all link alternatif dewifortunaqq players can become bookies in turn

However, with the provisions of being a dealer, you must have credit / balance in your account in accordance with the rules of becoming a dealer. Minimum credit / balance also varies in each room you choose. Some are big and some are small. So you could say it is not permanent.

For those of you who want to learn how to play mobile ceme games in detail. Because we will discuss thoroughly how to play ceme around online.

Terms of Play

Terms of playing ceme around online can only be played from 2 to 8 players. Each player will get 2 dominoes like the bandarq game. As said in the explanation above, that this game is quite similar to the online bandarq situs casino terpercaya.

If you don’t understand playing bandarq games, you can read how to play ceme in the previous article.

Back to the topic of discussing how to play ceme around. In placing bets in the mobile ceme game, you can peek at your card first. You can also immediately open your two cards. After the time given has run out, the value of your card will be compared or challenged with the value of the mobile dealer card.

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When the value of the city card is greater / higher than the value of your card, then the winner is the city. But if the value of your card is greater / higher than the value of the city card. Then you are entitled to receive payment according to what you installed in the beginning.

In calculating the value of the traveling ceme card, the largest value is number 9. If it passes the number 9 then the back value will be calculated only. Instead of being confused, let’s discuss it with an example to make it easier to understand.

Example: If you get a card with 7 Circles and 11 Circles, when the sum is the value is 18 Circles and the back is 8. Then the value of your number card is 8. So on.

Positive and Negative Sides

You need to know in playing this round ceme game, whether playing as a player or a city. Both parties have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Positive Side = Profits
  • Negative Side = Disadvantages

Becoming a City

If we choose to become a dealer, the advantage you will have is when the card value or card number obtained by the player is the same as yours. The winner in this event is the dealer. Even though it has the privilege of being a dealer, the dealer must fight 7 players at once. If the bookie card value is low or not good, then the dealer must pay all the players who are above the bookie card value.

Become a Player

The advantage of being a player when playing a ceme keliling game is that players have the opportunity to get double paid from the city if:

  • Players who get a card value of 9 (qiu) are odd 1, Warnetqq 3, 5 or 7.
  • Then the dealer has to pay twice as much.
  • The player who gets a card value of 9 (qiu) has an odd number of 2, 4, or 6.
  • So the dealer only pays 1 fold.

Thus an explanation of how to play ceme around for you lovers of mobile ceme games. Thank you