How to play guess this score CORRECT SCORE (TEBAK SCORE)

How to play guess this score CORRECT SCORE (TEBAK SCORE)

How to play guess the score – Online gambling games are currently developing very quickly than before. Currently there are many online soccer gambling sites that provide many online soccer gambling games, online casinos, online agile balls, online lotteries, and online slots, but this time we will discuss online soccer gambling that has been widely played by bettors. – Professional bettor, one of which is CORRECT SCORE. This type of game has been played for a very long time and is quite well known in Indonesian online soccer gambling circles. And for those of you beginner bettors who still don’t understand how to play, don’t worry, we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to play correct score properly.

Correct score or guess the score is a type of game in which the player guesses the final score of a match until the final round (Full Time), and if your guess is wrong then you will lose. This type of game has a high ODDS value, because the level of difficulty is quite high, and players can get huge profits of up to millions of rupiah with a small capital. but it depends on the odds and the kei.

The following is how to play fontana99 Correct Score:

  • Place bets must be before the match starts
  • All markets will be closed automatically once the match has started
  • All correct score markets are not always marketed, usually this market is marketed only for large parties that are provided by online gambling agents.

How to play guess this score?

Betting in this game of guessing the score, the bettor only needs to guess the total score of the match until the match is finished (Full Time), and the match result must be the same as what you put in and the match result cannot be reversed. Example:

  • You bet with a score of 2 – 3 then the final score of the bandar bola terbesar must come out 2 – 3
  • You bet with a score of 0-2 then the final score of the match must come out 0-2
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And if the bet you place wins, then the calculation in this guessing score game is the number of bets X the odds value – the amount of stake (100 x odds – 100). And if the bet you choose loses, then you are only subject to the number of bets you place.

The formula for calculating the correct score / guess score game is Total Bet x Odds Value – Total Bet

There are several easy ways for you to get the score leak, namely you have to do research before you start betting, you can check the final results of the two teams’ matches and how the performance of the two teams is. And don’t forget to check the results of the matches a few years before so you can predict how many scores will come out. (And usually for teams that have often met in this match have a history of winning streak scores, because each team already understands how to defend and attack from his opposing team. Therefore it is important for you to do your research first before you start betting.

And for all of you bettors, if you want to bet the correct score game, there are already so many trusted online gambling sites that provide it. So you don’t need to be confused if you want to bet on this game.

Thus, with this article, we hope that it will be useful for you to become professional bettors and get big profits.