How to Play Online Ceme Gambling Guessing Online Ceme Card Gambling

How to Play Online Ceme Gambling Guessing Online Ceme Card Gambling

How to Play Online Ceme Gambling Guessing Ceme Online Bandar Cards – Hi all bettor mania. This time the admin will give you tips and tricks on how to play ceme gambling online so that you get a win by guessing the ceme online dealer card next turn. Let’s just look at it below.

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Online Ceme Gambling

Internet Network

Because this game scheme uses internet technology to get online, an internet network connection is important. Because a good and stable network will give you the comfort of playing so that you can still concentrate and calm down. Don’t want when holding a good card, for example qiu or 9, but your connection is lost?

Observant Reading Game Conditions

Change the seat of the table to sit if a player has won the game about 3 times in a row. Try to sit at the bookie table number 2. Because the regular card rotation is more controlled by the dealer card if the player situs judi online terpercaya  won the game 3 times. With this trick the chance of winning is around 80% – 85%.

Compile the Best Tactics

In each game, there must be a fitting strategy that is carried out by several bettors. The direction is to stay away from undesirable defeats and losses. Plus again at the table game not only you play, but there are many other members who play. In making special tactics that you make for yourself so you automatically have a continuous play.

ALL IN is bets if your card goes over 7 if your card scores 7 through 3. Fold your nominal bigger because the usual online ceme scheme allows your card to get an average value of 7 and above if you get a card with a high value about 3 times in a row.

See the Bandar Card Or Opponent Play

To win the online Ceme game you have to pay attention to many sides. One of them is that you see the dealer or your opponent’s card. Look at your right and left players .. If they get 2 log cards so you can buy the jackpot because normally your chances of getting a log card are better than the other players.

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Play the Progressive Losser

Pattern This pattern is a pattern that regulates the game of the flow of capital that you are betting on. To be sure, with just a little capital you can successfully win this online ceme gambling game.

for the first – first you play with bets gradually first. For example, you place a bet on a nominal 50,000 fixed in the 2nd round you place a bet of 100,000 and so on.

Slide the Betting Table

When you lose a lot of about 4 times in a row at 1 betting table, you should move the table. The method just now has been proven correct and is about what is common in every gambler at the betting table.

WITHDRAW or Withdraw funds as soon as possible

do this trick in each game whatever it is. if you are in the middle of winning .. make a withdrawal as soon as possible even though the number is small. Because human characteristics are greedy so we recommend you to do withdrawals as soon as possible if you are winning.

How to Guess Online Ceme Bandar Cards

So this is the most important thing, guys. The most important thing is to guess the dealer card next turn. How to ? Come on, read below.

Notice the 5 turns first

Understand your and your bookie card output patterns

If a banda card wins over your card for 5 turns, then this is the time for you to make a full bet.

If every turn is different, for example turn 1 you win, turn 2 you lose, then the pattern continues so you should stand or move tables, because it can’t be read for the next turn.

When you have won 2 times in a row, it is a good idea to stand up or move the table.

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