How to Play the Correct Score Market and Winning Strategies

How to Play the Correct Score Market and Winning Strategies

The correct score game is a unique type of bet to play. Enthusiasts on this bet are never empty, even more and more are placing it. The way to play on this market is to guess the final result of the selected match.

Of course, the guess must be correct. The very large multiplication of odds certainly attracts the attention of the bettor so that more and more people are challenged to try it. Well, here is a complete review for how to play the correct score market and winning strategies.

How to Play Correct Score

To guess the actual score bet is very easy because it is no different from other bets. For example, Handicap, Under / Over, Odds / Even, Outright, etc.

For example, there will be a match between Bristol City vs Manchester City. In the match, there will be various choices to guess the score. To select it, you can click on the odds in the score number.

If you predict the score (Links to an external site.) 1-2, then you should press odds @ 10.5 because the score has that odds value. If there is neutrality in a match, then you must pay attention to the betting market by looking at the position of the competing team.

To guess the score, you have to pay attention to where the home team (on the left) and who is visiting (right side). In the options table there will be an AOS or Any Other Score option. Table one is provided for situs judi casino online who want to guess with the available scores. For example, if you want to guess Manchester City Win by a score of 0-6, then there is no choice in the table. Therefore you can choose AOS.

Calculation of the Correct Score Betting Formula

The guess actual score bet is the same as the 1×2 bet type. Because it is still classified as a Money Line. For example, if in the match Bristol City vs Manchester City the score is 0-2, the odds are 6 and the bet is 500, then the formula is (Odds-1) x stake.

Means (6-1) x500. So the sum of 2500 will be your winnings. The price / odds on the guess score are Euro Odds. Euro Odds means the winning price is included in the stake amount. So to calculate the number of wins, you have to reduce the number of bets as well.

It’s not easy to guess the score in a match. However, it is possible if you have guessed it because you have read the games of the two teams. So in addition to instinct, accuracy is also needed in seeing the line-up of each competing team.

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Correct Score Winning Strategy

1. Have a Sharp Instinct in Choosing a Score

In guessing the score, sharp instincts are needed. Because, many bettors rely on their instincts in guessing. The more frequent flying hours, the more sharp the instinct to guess the score will be. Of course this can be an advantage for the bettor.

2. Watch the Latest Football News Info

Having the latest information about football will help you make it easier to post a score. Because, you will know more about the various team info that will play. For example, line-ups, player daftar fontana99 ranks, strategies, to the transfer market that will affect the performance of a team.

3. Sharing with Friends

Every now and then you can share or chat with friends about predictions of a match. With this sharing, you will have a clear picture of the resulting score prediction. So it is proper to choose a friend who understands the game of soccer.

4. Know Which Team Will Compete

In playing the correct score on a trusted soccer gambling site (Links to an external site.) You must also be equipped with knowledge of the team that is going to compete. Don’t just guess the score without knowing how credibility and how the team plays. The easiest way is to guess the score in the match with your favorite team. Because the arrangement and strategy will be the same so it’s easy to guess.

5. See the Second Team’s Strategy

In installing on this market, you are encouraged to guess the score by looking at the strategies of the two teams that will compete. It’s best not to guess the score because you are interested in large odds. Because many fail or guess wrong just because they are interested in high odds.

6. Place a Small Bet Fund

For beginners, you should place a small bet first. The goal is to keep betting safe. If you get a lot of profit, you can add more betting funds so that the amount of profit is even greater.

That’s all for an explanation of how to play the ball market (Links to an external site.) Correct score and how to win strategy. Hopefully the above article is able to add information and help you win lots of matches.