IDNPLAY Ceme Gambling Info and Tricks to Play Ceme Gambling

IDNPLAY Ceme Gambling Info and Tricks to Play Ceme Gambling

As we know, online card gambling is very popular in Indonesia. There are so many choices of online card gambling that you can play at any time. You can choose various types of card gambling according to the gambling game you are good at.

One of the most common gambling games played by Indonesian gamblers is domino gambling. It can also be called ceme gambling or fighting gambling. Every online gambling site that provides domino gambling has its own terms.

This article will discuss a domino gambling article entitled Gambling Ceme IDNPLAY Info and Tricks to Play Ceme Gambling. For those of you who like domino or ceme gambling, please read this Mimin’s article until it’s over.


Domino games in Indonesia are currently favored by people from the economic circles down because of the advancement of technology so that games using these cards have been abandoned, especially with the presence of technological advances that have been filled with the internet. Domino games in Indonesia are actually quite popular with the following rules of play agen poker:

In the first round the participating players will get 3 cards that are distributed by the dealer, and the player from the left of the dealer will have the first choice to make a bet.

In the second round that takes part in the bet, the 4 cards will be dealt and the 4 cards add up in value, and are divided into two sets.
If the number of a card set reaches two digit numbers, then the value taken is only the number on the back.

The winner is determined by looking at the first set of cards, if the first set of cards is tied then use the second set of cards to determine the winner.

The two players who get the 9, or Qiu. Since the sbobet indonesia set is a tie, the winning determination is calculated from the second card set, where the winner is the player who has cards 9, and 8.

Apart from playing the IDNPLAY website ceme gambling, in Indonesia there are also known jackpot cards like the following:

6 god cards: A player has four cards which each add up to six circles in value. This is the card combination that has the highest power in the kiu kiu game. (this is because in 28 domino cards there are only 4 cards with 6 circles)

4 cards: 4 cards that a player has, all of them are BALAK (twin cards).

Large pure card: that is, when a person has 4 cards which, when added together, the circles add up to more than 40 circles. If there are more than 4 players at the table then the lowest score for pure big is 39.

Small pure card: that is, when a person has 4 cards, if the circle of the cards added up does not exceed the value of 9. If there are more than 4 players at the table, the highest value for small pure is a maximum of 10

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Playing online ceme gambling is of course not only required to understand how to play and also other basic rules for playing dominoes. Many beginner players who have little flight time but already understand very well the basic rules of playing dominoes lose to pro players who have tricks in playing dominoes.

Therefore playing domino gambling also needs to hone skills in playing, especially recognizing the opponent’s playing patterns, indirectly being able to guess the opponent’s card even without seeing it. Here are some tricks that can make a beginner domino player even more powerful:


Not infrequently, novice players still get carried away with emotions when playing IDNPLAY’s theme. Inevitably, without thinking, these beginner ceme gambling players will experience defeat in a very short and fast time.

The second thing that can cause defeat in this IDNPLAY ceme gambling is that you are too confident to be able to win with the cards you hold. Just remember, ceme gambling requires patience and good technique.


Beginner players should pay attention to the initial card given by the dealer because the existing combination will be capital to follow the next bet and even determine victory or defeat.

Usually the player will take part in the first bet with the card capital in the hand worth 8 or 9. But not infrequently the ceme gambling player will also bet with the card in the hand worth 7 or even 6. This also depends on the number of players at the table.


As a domino player, you must be able to determine when to play or finish, because playing dominoes also has an element of luck. So it is fitting to play, you must pay attention to the betting capital you have and be able to control your appetite to continue betting.

You must do this trick and how to win if you want to have a bigger chance of winning. But from the guide that Mimin gave, this ceme gambling will purely be helped if you have great luck.

That’s the first idnplay gambling article entitled Judi Ceme IDNPLAY Info and Tricks to Play Ceme Gambling. Mimin hopes that this online ceme gambling article can help you a little in getting information in winning in domino gambling.

Thank you for those of you who have read the trusted ceme gambling article from mimin ADUPLAY88 and see you later in the discussion of other best ceme gambling articles especially for you lovers of online ceme gambling.

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