Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Ceme Gambling

Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Ceme Gambling

The online ceme gambling game has recently become a pioneer in online domino card gambling. Because of the convenience of betting online using a smartphone or PC. In addition to offering games that add to the ceme online, they also provide quick wins. Due to the proliferation of this type of card game, many beginner bettors try to play ceme online. Therefore, the admin took the initiative to make articles so that beginner bettors are more familiar with and have a guide to playing online ceme gambling.

Introduction to Online Ceme Gambling

Online ceme games use dominoes, which are basically a simple form of domino qq. Domino card that is used only 1 set means only 28 cards. In online ceme gambling, only 2 domino cards are used. In the online ceme table it can be played by 8 people, of which 7 people are agen judi poker online terpercaya players and 1 person is the dealer (dealer).

Guide to Playing Ceme Gambling Online

For those of you who have played the domino qq card first, it will certainly be very easy to play ceme online. Because the order and the card calculations are actually the same. But for those of you who don’t know the rules and how to play Ceme online, you don’t need to worry, because we will discuss them clearly and completely below.

Rules for Playing Ceme Online Gambling

Where basically every type of card game or other must have rules. Well, just like this domino card type game, it also has. Ceme online has a few rules which are explained below:

Ceme online will start when there is 1 city with pre -determined capital requirements (different in each type of table bet).

After there is a dealer, it should be followed by the presence of at least 1 player.

Each player and dealer are given 2 cards.

Card values ​​are only known from 1 to 9. If there is a 2 digit card value, it is the back number that will be counted. For example, the number of your cards is 14, then it is calculated that you have a card value of 4.

After the specified time has reached the limit, it means it’s time to pit the player card against the dealer card.

To earn a win the player card must be 1 value higher than the city.
If the player’s card is the same as the city card then the player is declared the loser of the city.

Player will get 2x winnings from the stake if they win from the dealer card with the number 9 (qiu).

6 Stages of How to Play Online Ceme Gambling

After knowing the rules for online ceme gambling, now we continue to discuss how to play ceme online below:

First you enter a room whose table requirements match your playing capital.
Then place your bet amount.

  • Then each player and dealer are given 2 cards.
  • Add up your two cards that have been given.
  • After the specified time is over, it’s time to pit each player’s card against the dealer.
  • Winnings can only be obtained if your card is higher than the dealer card.

Easy is not the way to play online ceme gambling?

Ceme Online Gambling Jackpot Introduction Guide

Special cards also exist in online ceme which are known as jackpots. Where the provisions for getting the jackpot are 4 cards (2 dealer cards and 2 player cards) combined into a jackpot arrangement.

If you are a city then you have to buy a jackpot for every player (including yourself) to get the jackpot so that the chances of getting the jackpot are bigger.

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If you are a player, just buy the jackpot for yourself.

So, the terms and conditions for getting a jackpot are clear, right? Now we continue to discuss the types of jackpots that you can get in online ceme gambling below:

Types Of Jackpot In Ceme Online Gambling

There are only 4 types of jackpots in online ceme gambling and the possibility of getting out of the jackpot is very small, but of course it has a large multiple of the capital of installing the jackpot in getting a jackpot prize. Where the jackpot condition only occurs between 2 dealer cards and 2 cards from one of the players which when combined into a jackpot combination as explained below:

Small Pure Ceme Online Jackpot

This jackpot is the jackpot with the smallest value. Where purely small is a condition where the card has a combination of cards (your card and the dealer card) having a total of points between 5 to 9.

Example: You have a card with a number of dots 2 (1, 1) and 1 (0, 1) while the dealer has a card with a number of dots 2 (0, 2) and 3 (2, 1). Now if you add up the total card point is 8 which means it is still between 5-9. Then this is a small pure jackpot combination.

  • Pure Small Ceme Online
  • Big Pure Ceme Online Jackpot

Well, besides being pure small, there are also big pure tablets. Where it is said to be pure large if our 2 cards when combined with 2 dealer cards have a total point between 39 to 43.

Example: 2 of your cards are 12 (6, 6) and 11 (5, 6) followed by 2 dealer cards with 10 (6, 4) and 10 (5, 5). It appears that the total of the 4 card points is 43 which qualifies for a high purity.

  • Pure Great Ceme Online
  • Jackpot Ceme Online Twin Series

Now in this jackpot, there are 4 twin cards. Where you have 2 twin cards and Banda also have 2 twin cards.

Example: Your 2 cards are 4 (2, 2) and 2 (1, 1) and the dealer has cards 10 (5, 5) and 12 (6, 6). Now this is an example of a combination of a twin series jackpot with 4 twin cards.

Ceme Online Twin Series

Jackpot Ceme Online Enam Dewa (Six God)

Six God or Six Gods is the highest jackpot you can get in online ceme gambling. No wonder it becomes the highest jackpot because 6 gods only have 4 and 28 dominoes.

What does the six god jackpot mean?

Six gods are cards that have a total of 6 points. Where there are only 4 cards in the domino card that have a total of 6 points.

Example: You have 2 cards with a total of 6 points, namely (0, 6) and (4, 2) followed by the dealer cards (3, 3) and (5, 1). Only these 4 cards have a total of 28 dominoes.

Enam Dewa (Six God) Ceme Online

Well, that’s it, the admin discussion on the Introduction and Guide on How to Play Ceme Online Gambling is over, hopefully it can help you all in finding out ceme online.

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