Live Casino and The Best Bets for You

Live Casino and The Best Bets for You

Because at a live casino, games have to be somehow linked to live people, it is not really possible to offer slot machines and other similar games. The betting limits vary by game and there is plenty of excitement on offer for players of all levels. As an example, Next nova88 Casino Blackjack tables range from a minimum bet of € 1 to € 2,500 and you can place up to € 25,000 in roulette.

Live Casino and The Best Bets for You

Blackjack is an eternal favorite on both the online casino and live casino side and no wonder. The game is quite easy to learn and has a really low house advantage, in other words a high return rate . At live casinos, Blackjack is practically always in the selections. Bet limits as mentioned range from the euro to thousands of euros.

Blackjack at a live casino

There are often several tables so that as many people as possible can play the game, and often separate VIP tables have been made separately for regular customers. In the past, the problem with Blackjack was that it was sometimes difficult to get to the tables because there were no vacancies, but the latest version opens up an endless number of seats for players, so this problem is no more.

There are several different versions of roulette available at live casinos

  • Red or black?
  • Big or small or maybe all the money for one number in the hope of a big win?

In live roulette you can follow how it goes in real time and get excited where the ball stops. Roulette is really rewarding for even large players because it generally allows you to bet bigger than any other live casino game. The maximum bet is incredibly high, at up to € 25,000 per round. However, even the smallest players have not been forgotten and you can enjoy the experience for 10 cents.

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If you plan to redeem the bonus at roulette then remember that so-called low risk bets are always prohibited and will result in the confiscation of winnings and possibly also your deposit. Low-risk bets mean betting on, for example, black and red, big and small, even and odd, or evenly on all numbers.

Live Baccarat

Really popular internationally and in many rock foot casinos especially popular with big players. The game is really simple and you only decide if you want to place your bet on your own hand, the banker or the draw. The cards are then dealt and based on the rules of the game, it is considered who wins.

In a draw, the player wins the most but also takes the biggest risk, while when betting on a banker, the chances of winning are higher but the winnings are also the smallest. With the house advantage in mind, however, it’s always worth betting on either the player or the banker, but if you’re looking for a bigger one-time push then you can of course also try eight times to bet your bet.