Royal Roulette Betting Rules Sbobet

Royal Roulette Betting Rules Sbobet

The objective of the game is to predict where the ball will come to rest in the spinning wheel. There are 37 individually numbered sections in the wheel, labeled with the numbers 0-36. Bets can be placed on any one of these 37 numbers or on various groups of numbers displayed on the table.

Royal Roulette Betting Rules Sbobet

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return Agen Sbobet Deposit Murah to the player of 97.30% of the total bets made. Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.

How to Play your lucky numbers and give it a spin

When playing Roulette, you can place more than one bet on the table for each spin of the wheel, with different amounts bet in several different positions. For example, you could bet on number 21 and on various other numbers that are adjacent to number 21 on the table, on all the BLACK numbers, on all the ODD numbers, and on the THIRD DOZEN numbers. When the ball falls into a number, some of these bets win, and some lose. The secret is to win more than you lose!

Using your mouse, it is very easy to place bets. Move the cursor to the pictures of the chips in the lower left corner of the game window and LEFT-CLICK the chip value that you want to use. Move the cursor to the positions on the table layout that you want to place bets and LEFT-CLICK in each of those Agen Casino Online. The software will not let you place a chip unless it is a valid bet position.

Chips will automatically appear underneath your cursor. Your BET AMOUNT will also appear at the top of the window. Each LEFT-CLICK with the cursor in the same position will increase your bet by one chip of the same value, up to the maximum bet for that position.

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If you want to change to a different chip value, move the cursor back to the pictures of the chips at the lower left corner of the game window on your screen and LEFT-CLICK on the new chip value that you want to use. Then move the cursor back to the table layout and LEFT-CLICK as before to place bets.

  • To remove the top chip of a bet, hold the ALT key down and LEFT-CLICK on your mouse.
  • To remove the complete stack of chips, hold the ALT and SHIFT keys down and LEFT-CLICK on your mouse.
  • To replace the same bets as made for the previous spin, LEFT-CLICK the SAME BETS button.
  • To remove all bets from the table layout, LEFT-CLICK the CLEAR BETS button. This is useful in cases where chips are stacked.
  • When you have placed all of your bets, LEFT-CLICK on the SPIN button to commence play.
    All bets are now final, and no more bets can be placed. The software will automatically start the ball spinning in the wheel.
  • When the spin is finished, all winning bets remain on the table layout ready for the next spin.
  • The NEW GAME button in the game window on your screen will illuminate. LEFT-CLICK on this button to begin the next game.

The Roulette ball will complete its rotation around the wheel track and come to rest in a randomly selected number. The software will show the winning number and all winning bets will be highlighted on the table layout. All losing bets will be collected and all winning bets paid. If a bet is a winner, your winnings will be posted to your credit balance and updated in the BALANCE display upon selecting your next game or upon returning to the lobby.