The Biggest Slot Cheats of All Times

The Biggest Slot Cheats of All Times

If you don’t want to appear on a fraud when you, read this material. Discover some interesting stories about the biggest slot cheats in the world. Is my casino fair enough? How can I be sure that if I everything will be ok? These are only few of the questions many online players worry about when it comes to casino safety in the internet. You might have even more.

The thing is that if you come upon on a fraud or a cheat, it’s not the company provider to blame. In 90% of the cases the scam is hidden from a third party – like a hacker – or from unknown sources. Hence, don’t underestimate the chance to register in a scam, too. Unfortunately, there are many tricky websites that can attract you with pleasant bonus offers, but at the exchange of that to steal your personal data or even worse – your money. Always be aware of such platforms for internet slot machines.

The Biggest Slot Cheats of All Times

In addition to these, no one would deny that players tend to lie, too. There are plenty of stories about rich slot online terpercaya machines lovers who have made their dreams come true – to become wealthy, of course – by applying some of the most traditional cheats in this casino game type. Do you know some of them? Or you insist on playing in a fair way? In all cases, we believe you will be interested in reading some of the biggest slot cheats of all times.

Till the last couple of years it was kind of easy for the hackers to enter the source code in almost any online slot machine. You might even remember the big case of the USD Baccarat win because of such a fraud. A few days later after this jackpot was taken, two of the slot machines in the same gambling house were cheated giving jackpots every time the machine was played. What has changed? The international gambling regulators have establishes some specific instructions and principles for all slot machine providers to follow in the sake of the Agen Bola Terpercaya  against such slot software code attacks.

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The era of the face coins inserted in the slot machines

Many years ago all slot machines were metal. Plus they wasn’t controlled by computer software products. Today, there are no such slots in traditional physical casinos. This is why the magnet deal doesn’t work anymore. What players used to do in past, though, is to cheat the slot with a magnet by spinning the reels and using the strong magnet on the outside elements of the slot in order to stop the spinning at the desired position.

You might not believe it today, when everything is so secured and reliable in casinos (whether online or offline), but there was indeed such an era in the past. During a couple of years many players inserted fake coins in the slot machines and made a couple of bucks per day with no financial risks. There was a rumor, though, that these fake coins were special – made by a concrete guy who were expert in money imitation, because some players tried to insert their own fakes, but it never worked.