Gambling games are currently very developed from before, as there are currently many online gambling sites which are from soccer agents providing soccer gambling games, online casinos, online poker, online slots. and of course if we talk about soccer gambling, you must be very familiar with the correct score game. This game that has been famous for a long time has become a game that is quite widely played by players in Indonesia and even abroad. but for those of you beginner bettors who are still confused about how to play, we will provide tips and tricks on how to play the correct score or what is usually called guessing the score, before discussing how to play it would be nice if you understand what the meaning of correct score itself, please refer to:

Correct Score betting is a type of game that requires players to guess the final score of a match until the second half (fulltime). and if your guess is wrong then you will lose. and the odds value in this game is quite high considering the high difficulty level. and with only a small capital you can win many times over, for example you put 30 thousand and if you can guess correctly, the winnings you get can reach 1 million. but it all depends on the odds and the kei.

procedures for playing daftar youbetcash the correct score

bets must be made before the start of the match

The market will be closed automatically when the match has started

and the correct score market is not always marketed, usually only in big club matches where the market is always situs slot terpercaya.

and how to play the correct score ??

In playing from this type of bet, namely Guess the score (correct score), of course you have to guess the number of goals that will be generated in the match, and the score results must be exactly the same as what you placed, the results cannot be reversed.


  • If you choose Score 3-2 it means that the final score in the match must be 3-2 (Home 3-2 Away)
  • If you select Score 1–1 it means that the final score in the match must be 1–1 (Home 1–1 Away)

in the calculation of winning the correct score type of bet is (100 x Odds Value) – 100. and it turns out that if you lose the bet then the number of your losses is what you placed in the bet.

The calculation formula in the correct score / guess score game is (Total Bet x Odds Value) – Total Bet

An easy way to get a score leak is that you have to do your research first before betting, you can check the previous match and the performance of the two teams at least during the last 3 matches because usually in the last 3 matches it really shows the quality of the team’s play, and also check the results of the last matches between the two teams in the last few years they met, usually the game will be more dominated by having a record of winning streaks when they meet teams that have been against them. and also check the stamina of the players from the two teams because there are several teams that really rely on some of their mainstay players, so it is very important for you to do your research first so you can guess correctly.

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and to guess the score is sometimes widely available on trusted soccer agent sites online, so you no longer need to be confused about where to place your bet.

I think our information regarding the correct score can be useful for all of you.